SWTOR Tanking Stats Calculator v1.01 - (Hard Mode) By: Elidion

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Advanced: Optional minimums for non standard calculations
Defense Minimum Selecing FR Relic above will bump this in addition to this value
Shield Minimum e.g. Full Oriconian w/Veracity Implants is 914
Optional:For DTPS Comparison
Defense Rating
Shield Rating
Absorb Rating
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Damage Reduction:% (Optional)

* Damage calculation are unmitigated K/E attacks and do not take into account
relics, Emergency cooldowns or debuffs except where noted and/or selected.

Juggernaut's are calculated assuming Quake & Blade Barricade up.

PowerTech's assume an average of 14.5% absorb from Heat blast & 7.5% defense from Oil Slick (8.5% with the 2pc bonus)

Assassin's are calculated assuming Dark Ward is up and average 5.5% absorb from Dark Bulwark.

All Stat Budgets and Defense Minimum's assume Prototype Nano Fortitude Stim.

When Comparing Relics be aware Fortunate Redoubt has static defense.